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What we value


Image processing of various image / video data
brought to the investigation site with easy operation

Reading Power

Various devices and various images and movies in file formats are broughtin to the investigation site, and it may be time consuming just to read them in. We offer to such situations with our “Reading Power”.

Reading Power
  • Compatible with direct import from video equipment
  • Compatible with various formats of moving and still pictures
  • Compatible with importing proprietary format data from each company’s hard disk recorder
  • “Forced Read Function” to search for readable file formats

he excellent interface makes the installed functions accessible, thus making practical use at the investigation site! We offer “Operationality” which from the introduction results and evaluation from the field is excellent.


  • “Excellent interface” that the investigators in the field can use for intuitive operation
  • “Report preparation function” that actively specializes as an investigation support tool
  • “One stop” from image capture to image processing, report creation, and printing


Improve image quality by advanced image technology for nighttime surveillance cameras and other poor quality images captured in adverse conditions – We offer “Clarity”.

Blurred images are also clearer with
“Multi-frame super-resolution”

“Multi-frame super resolution processing” is a technology to improve resolution of a specific frame by using / integrating images of multiple frames such as moving images.

※This technology uses patent technology by Tokyo Institute of Technology · Okutomi · Tanaka Lab.

  • Multi-frame super resolution processing for improving image resolution
  • “Darkness Adjusting” to sharpen dark images, and images that have been blackened from backlight
  • “Noise Removal” which clears various noise deteriorated images
  • “Fog / Blur Adjusting” to deal with images that are difficult to distinguish with fog etc.
  • Wide-angle lens distortion correction function installedrom

※ Product specifications are subject to change without notice.