What we value


IR (Investor Relations) Policy

Our IR principles

Our goal is to provide shareholders and investors with complete information fairly and timely. Our IR principle dictates to convey earnings, financials, management visions and strategies while strictly following the rules on disclosures.

Timeliness & fairness of disclosed information

Aside from the regular disclosure on material information such as quarterly results, we strive to update our website with the latest information to aid the decision making for our shareholders and investors.

Non public material information

Information disclosed via print, web site, phone and interview is already public information and/or general facts. We do not mention any non public material information.

IR Blackout period

We set IR blackout period from the next day of quarterly earnings deadline till release to avoid any material information leakage before it becomes public. During blackout period, we do not provide any comments or answers with regard to the results.

Investment decision

The purpose of information on our website is to convey our financials and management information to the public and it does not serve the purpose of soliciting investments. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances.